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  The Tea Party


Tea Party Official Site


"If you could see the world with my eyes you'd be so surprised at what you'd know "
- Gone

It's very easy to get blown away by The Tea Party- I sure am. This is very intense and powerful music, and the fact that it's made by just three people is all the more impressive. Like all my other favorite musicians, they make a lot of different styles of music and do it all well. Most of their music is Eastern-influenced (although they are a Canadian band), with lots of Indian and other ethnic instruments used (they play approximately 8 million instruments). Jeff Martin is one of my favorite singers because his voice is so powerful and adds to the intensity of the already crushing beats and melodies. Their music can be an all out attack or it can light and subtle. All 4 of their releases so far are solid, with Edges of Twilight and Triptich being the cream of the crop. It's definitely not for the faint of heart.

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