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*More pics located in Music Photo and Miscellaneous Sections!*

The Adam Family- 2002
Top- Melanie (sister), Madeline (niece), me, Mom. Bottom- Brandon (bro in law), Trevor and Cameron (nephews), Dad

Adi and I doing our best Paul Stanleys- Halloween 1996

Me and my sister's offspring-2001
(Trevor, Madeline, Cameron)

"Moorehead" friends (Ian Moore Fan Club)
Mike, Kim, Stephanie, Me

Me and Dan at UT graduation....He's bigger than me.

Me and my niece, Madeline (2001)


Me and Alicia who for some reason I call "BigSis"

Me and my friend Amy right before I moved

(Ex)Coworkers and I in Vegas

Cameron, Madeline, me (2003)
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My oldest friend in the entire world (nursery school), Paul from Milwaukee

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