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  Movie Links Worth Your Time


The Internet Movie Database- Probably the biggest, and maybe the best, movie site on the net.

Motion Picture Industry- Behind the Scenes- Interesting site on how movies are made.

Aint It Cool News- One of my favorite sites, Austinite Harry Knowles knows how to write a rambling review. Loads of movie trailers to watch on your PC for current and future films. News and info on movies that are in the works.

Eonline Movie Reviews- New and current reviews from Eonline.

Daily 80's Movie Line Game- For those of you that love 80's movie quotes!

Yahoo Movies- Another good movie info site, especially for current films.

Atom Films- Good site for watching online films and animation Another huge site for watching Internet films and getting movie news. Hilarious animation site.. Home of "Napster Bad!"

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