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Page 1 2 3 is a documentary exploring the entire lifespan of a dotcom- from inception to failure. With the recent environment of dot com fallout, this movie is perfectly timed. A little too real for many of us, this documentary does a good job of showing what the last couple years has been like in the frenzied world of the countless Internet companies. We follow the CEO through each stage and see how each new obstacle affects both his company and his friendships. By the end, it's apparent that what seemed like a great idea a little while ago, is not feasible in the real business world. It's an interesting ride to see how it affects everyone involved. However, towards the end the movie itself crashes, not delivering the kind of powerful climax that we may expect. It just ends and the credits roll. Up until the end though, it's entertaining and a good learning experience.



I really enjoyed Shrek because it isn't dumbed down for the audience. Instead it's clever and witty, something that adults will enjoy as well as kids. There are a lot of things that will go over kids' heads that will cause adults to cackle hysterically. It kind of spoofs many of the Disney cartoons, which is quite fun to watch. Lots of good voice overs from Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow, and Eddie Murphy. Also, the "animation" is unbelieveable, a thing of beauty to watch. This one will definitely spawn a franchise, and we'll probably have Shrek 2 in a couple years. I'm looking forward to it.




Blow is an acting showcase for Johnny Depp first, and an actual movie second. This is both good and bad. Depp is truly one of the best actors working today and this movie lets him display his talents all over the place. This is a drug movie all the way through, which subjects it to comparison with the rash of all of the other drug movies to come out in the past few years. Definitely not a bad movie, Blow is by no means revolutionary. You watch a lot of people get high, see the troubles that drugs bring to people that push them and use them, and watch Depp's character in particular spiral downward. The fact that this is based on a real life story adds a little to it, but when the end hits, there isn't necessarily a point to it all. Still, though, I recommend checking it out once for Depp's performance.


Joe Dirt


Just wanted to make clear that I didn't pay for this movie. Not that it's that bad or anything! For a free movie, it was pretty enjoyable actually. Another mindless comedy that requires very little thinking, it does what it sets out to do I guess....give occasional chuckles by showing white trash and utilizing a few gross out scenes. Spade was better than usual (I usually find him rather annoying) and relative newcomer Brittany Daniel is a welcome addition. All in all, a very average comedy, take it or leave it.


Enemy at the Gates

Not a bad flick, but not overly great either. A war movie through and through, it's basically just a showdown between two snipers during the battle of Stalingrad in WWII. Several good battle scenes and some Saving Private Ryanesque gore sustain interest, but there isn't TOO much of a story here. It's rather slow and kind of drags on, but in the end it doesn't feel like a waste. Jude Law plays a convincing soldier, and Ed Harris is good as his stoic adversary. I think I would have liked this movie better if I was a war movie fan, but I find them all a little too similar. Again, this is fairly well done for the most part, but fails to separate itself from the pack of many of the other WWW II sagas.



After hearing mostly bad reviews for Hannibal, I didn't expect much. And I didn't get much. Pretty disappointing overall, where was the plot? I think Anthony Hopkins had way too many cheesy lines and too much focus was on the character of Hannibal. Clarise seems like she was hardly in it (and this sucks because Julianne Moore rules). It was pretty gory, though not as bad as people made it out to be. The last scene with Ray Liotta's brain was hilarious I thought, but I'm not sure if that was the desired reaction from the filmmakers. The movie had several funny parts in fact, but this isn't suppsosed to be a comedy! I think it was made more to make money than to be anything great or original, and in that it succeeded. Let's hope there's not a 3rd one because it's already getting stupid.


The Gift

I thought overall this was a very entertaining and suspenseful movie… Cate Blanchett was good as always, but surprisingly one of the best performances was Keanu Reeves! He makes a good drunken wife-beater. It had a lot of plot twists to keep it interesting, and the bayou surroundings were cool to look at. Plus, it had Katie Holmes in it……. I'd probably watch a movie about the grass growing if Katie had a part in it… : ) Giovanni Ribisi comes through with yet another good, weird performance. This is one of the better movies so far this year.


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