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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Worth seeing, if just for the action and music score…… The plot is pretty ho-hum, so I don't think that it's Oscar material, but it's definitely worth seeing. I'm kind of getting tired of all this "Matrix type" action creeping up, but it's never really been done better than this. Nice alternative to Jackie Chan. Warning: Sub-titles



My favorite type of movie- lots of different plots and storylines, with several mini-stories making up the entire picture. However, while being a fairly good movie, this has been done much better before. Traffic left a little to be desired from me because I kept waiting for something significant to happen and nothing ever really did. Lots of good performances, especially Michael Douglas,Benecio Del Toro and Don Cheadle. I think overall, though, it's just a movie about drugs, and there's nothing too new here.



You Can Count On Me

Best movie so far this year. I guess you would call this an independent film since it doesn't have that wide of a release (it only played at one or two theaters in town), but luckily it's gotten some more attention because of Oscar buzz. Laura Linney should definitely win Best Actress for her role as an older sister who can't come to terms with her younger brother's inability to get it together. She was good in Truman Show, but really shines here. Mark Ruffalo is also great as the younger brother (and Matthew Broderick is.....well......Matthew Broderick). Good dialogue and real, belieavable emotions allow this one to triumph- no special effects needed.


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