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"I'd like to wake up numb like all my friends
There's a road to where I came from,
It gets longer all the time,
There's a road to where I'm going, it never ends."
- Drowning In The Days

Dallas's The Old 97's are one of the premier names in the "alt-country" genre, although they stray from that sound quite a bit. The lead singer/songwriter of the band- Rhett Miller- is one of the wittiest I've ever heard because he seemlessly blends sarcasm, humor, and heartbreak into songs that flat out rock. Starting with "Hitchhike to Rhome" with a more twangish sound, the band changed a bit with each successive release and in my opinion are at their best with 1997's "Too Far To Care." "Wreck Your Life" and "Fight Songs" are outstanding as well because of the extremely catchy rhythms and poetic words. They're all superb musicians here and are able to play off each other so effectively that it's just a wonderful thing to hear. The band has gone in a slightly more poppish direction and Rhett has done some solo work, but they are poised for a return. When your life is sucking, throw on The Old 97's who will use their own brand of sarcasm, irony, and humor to make that life seem a little bit better.

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