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"So how can you sleep?
These people aren't your friends
They're paid to kiss your feet
They don't know what I know"

- Thinking About You

Radiohead took music to some unknown territory in the 90's because their music is pretty different from anything that had ever come out before... I definitely don't group them in the category of "90's alternative" because for the most part that category sucks. Thom Yorke is the brain behind Radiohead, and even though it's hard to make out some of the lyrics, the songs are affecting nonetheless. The Bends and OK Computer are as solid of back to back cd's as any that have been released...Which is kind of why I was disappointed in Kid A, I guess I was expecting too much (even though Motion Picture Soundtrack is a great song). But Radiohead is on the cutting edge of music and the music industry and continue to innovate and be examples for other artists to follow. I've never had the chance to see them live, and dearly hope I can one day.

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