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Guy Forsyth

Ian Moore

Counting Crows

Neko Case

Old 97's


The Tea Party

Elliott Smith

Zakk Wylde

Tom Petty

Steve Vai



I couldn't possibly list all the music I like.....Instead, I'm concentrating here on a few of the musicians that have had the biggest effect on me over the years. I consider myself diehard fans of all of them, and have made an info page for each. I am also going to list many other musicians who I think are cool, along with a link to a website to find our more information about them. Remember, there is so much great music out there that the hard part is finding it all. It's important to note that what's popular or what sells isn't always the best music, it's just the most marketable. Instead, I base my faves on a combination of natural talent, smart songwriting, ORIGINALITY and obvious passion for music.

The musicians are not necessarily in any order. Enjoy and let me know any comments you may have!
List of other artists I strongly dig

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