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  Steve Vai


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"What is now was always but never seemed to be "
- Silent Within

Steve Vai can do things on the guitar that are absolutely impossible for mere mortals. He is definitely a "shredhead" but what sets him apart from most of the other bland shredders is his quirky originality. He likes to experiment, and these experiments are usually a blast to listen to. Although he played with Frank Zappa for a long time, as well as David Lee Roth and Whitesnake, the Vai I like best is the 1990 and after solo artist. Passion and Warfare cemented his existence of being a guitar god because it is the best instrumental guitar record ever made in my opinion. "For the Love of God" allows Vai to display his commitment and passion for the instrument, and it's the ultimate guitar ballad. Vai then formed his own band "Vai" for "Sex and Religion" which kind of misfired, but luckily he got back to being himself with Alien Love Secrets. I truly believe he is the best electric guitar player in the world- there is just nothing he can't do on the absolute master. He lives for the guitar and it shows in his music. He evens sings on a few of the songs on Fire Garden and The Ultra Zone and he actually has a pretty decent voice. Steve Vai rises to the top of guitar players in my book, for having the most ability first of all....but also the most vibrant personality and most diverse music.

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