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"I'm almost drowning in her sea..
She's nearly crawling on her knees..
It's almost everything I need "
- Sullivan Street

Counting Crows are one of my favorite "groups" because of the consistency of top notch music they put out. "August and Everything After" and "Recovering The Satellites" were two of my favorite records of the Nineties because they are so smart and affecting and never get stale. The same goes for everything this band does. The songwriting center of the Crows is Adam Duritz, and he's probably my favorite lyricist of all time. These lyrics are ingenius enough in their own right, but when they are set to the tight melodies that the rest of the Crows add to them, they become perfect. All four of their main releases are "A" albums in my book, and the live record validly captures their ability to bring these songs to life in a live setting. The band is really eclectic in its instruments and melodies which gives each song its own personality. Most of the songs are so deep that they can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the listener. Bottom line, this band has been special from the start, and I hope they're around for many years to come.

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August and Everything After

Recovering The Satellites

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