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This section contains pictures of what makes up "my Austin". Austin is a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but here you'll find what have become my haunts and hangouts over the years.

Section 1- University of Texas

My friend Adi and I ventured out to the UT campus on a deserted Saturday afternoon (it was Spring Break) and shot a short film on a digital camera, which in effect, revisited the place where we spent 4 years of our lives.
*these still pics are from the regular camera (one that has since been trashed), so the quality isn't quite as good...


University of TX

Standing by the stadium

Fountain near the stadium


Sitting on the steps of Gregory Gym

Looking tiny in comparion

The famous UT tower


Business School Statue

The Cactus Cafe in the TX Union


Overlooking campus


Sitting among music tradition outside the Cactus Cafe

On campus, near the tower

Horizontal in the "six pack" at UT

Steps by the main building

The Union courtyard

A true "Hole in the Wall", still a fixture in Austin music lore

The UT "Drag", otherwise known as Guadalupe Street

Sitting against Tower Records, right across from campus

The Castilian- dorm I stayed in sophomore year

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