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Section 2- Downtown Austin

Continuing from the University outing, we went downtown on two different days to film and take pictures. Downtown and surrounding areas are host to an array of live music venues, as well as a vast selection of bars and eateries.


Sitting by Stubb's BBQ, which doubles as a restaurant and indoor/outdoor music venue.

Gazing down 6th St during the day, this is much more bussling at night.

Standing by Lucy's on 6th


Hanging out near the Ritz, an old theater that is now a place that houses air hockey and beer.

Roppolo's, home to the 2 am slice of pizza

Looking down Congress Avenue, towards the Capitol.


Antones at night (great Austin music venue)

There's been many a great musician pass through these doors


Antones in the day


Fado Irish Pub is a cool Fourth St hangout (most of the time)

The GingerMan is a homey brewpub with a great selection (but no live music)

Adi photographing the Gingerman from the side


In front of La Zona Rosa, another of my faves

Austin Music Hall , one of the larger venues in Austin

Walking on water near Fourth Street

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